Earn perpetual reward for participating in Education of the Ummah

About Us

The Al Falaah WAQF Fund

A perpetual source of income to be used in noble activities.
Waqf is a classical Islamic legal institution which entails declaring an asset inalienable (incapable of transfer through sale, inheritance etc). The income earned through the designated asset or other contributions towards it is then applied towards defined purposes usually fulfilling a social or charitable objective. Waqf creates a perpetual source of income to be used in noble activities and therefore becomes a source of perpetual reward in this world and the hereafter for contributors.
The Al Falaah WAQF Fund is an independent Waqf established to fulfill the objectives and mission of the College. A designated portion of all contributions to the Al Falaah Waqf Fund are held in perpetuity and the income on these funds is used for fulfilling the educational objectives of the school.

Recent & Upcoming Projects

New Al Falaah College Campus

Status: Complete

Outdoor Astro Courts

Status: Complete


Status: Coming Soon

Multipurpose Sports Court

Status: Complete

Cricket Courts

Status: Complete

Aquatic Centre

Status: Coming Soon

Indoor Sports Court

Status: Complete

New Preschool Campus

Status: Under construction, opening 2021

Musallah Project

Status: Coming Soon
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